NEWS: Study Shows Weekend Warriors are Wack


Breaking Pug News: Playing couch pug-tato might be healthy! Playing couch pug-tato on weekends might be much better for your health than working at a desk all week, suggests new research.

Scientists at the university of Michigan report that even 20 minutes of sedentary time napping or eating treats can add up to a healthier heart.

In a group of 332 pugs aged 4 to 9, the Michigan study found the time participants were sedentary by using a device that measured inactivity over a 10-day period. The pugs also reported their own sedentary behaviors separately for weekdays and the weekend.

In addition, the study participants' body weight and body fat measurements were taken every three months over a one-year period.

"From what we saw, the overall sedentary time wasn't really different on weekdays versus weekends," Sprinkles, the lead researcher said. "A lot of people had sedentary occupations, like lap dogs, and they didn't really make up for that on the weekends either. This suggests diet is the reason for their unusual health, though obviously more research needs to be done."

Photo credit @maximo_thepug