Live From The Grumble in the Jungle | #PugsTakeNYC 2016

Hard hitting reporter @momopug2000 took to the streets for The Grumble in the Jungle, aka Pugs Take Nyc 2016. She interviewed @roccopugzworld , the @pugdashians, @gwentheblackpug, @tuesdaythepug, and More!

pug fight  gifThe gang met up in central park where we had a little meet and greet for the hoomans, then moseyed over to Times Square, where we let the puparazi grab some shots of the crew. Finally the whole crew ended up on Wall St at the Andaz hotel where there was a raffle hosted by the Pug Squad to benefit Bella the Pug. Finally there was an amazing pug costume competition, and wouldn't you know it? The @pugdashians took the cake! It was an exhausting day, but @momopug2000 blew this story wide open. We got the scoop on #treatgate and the best pics of #pugstakenyc below!


Thanks to everybody who came out! We had a blast reporting on the event and look forward to next year!

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