Why does my pug bark so much?

Pugs have so much to say, and they communicate primarily by barking! Pugs will bark when they want treats, pugs bark when they want to go out, pugs bark when there is a car in the driveway! 

Unfortunately too much pugs barking can be annoying and when your pug barks at inappropriate times it can be a big problem. We all want to be respectful of our neighbors and sometimes people are simply just trying to get some sleep! So what can you do to get all this pug barking under control?

First lets figure out why the heck your best friend is barking so much! With a little big of sleuthing we can figure out why your pug is barking like crazy all the time. This might be a little difficult if your pug barks when you are not home, but you can always ask your neighbors for ideas on what might set your pugs off, or even get a nanny cam. In the end, with a little detective work you can narrow down pug barking to a few of the most common reasons.

Common reasons pugs bark


Attention/Demand: Perhaps your pug just wants to get your attention. Do they want to go out? Are they hungry? These are all reasons a pug might bark.

Boredom/Frustration: Has your pug been left alone for a long period of time? Perhaps they are barking because they have too much pent up energy and just need a release!

Fear: Your pug might be barking because it is scared. This can happen sometimes when there are loud noises, like a motorcycle, fireworks or thunder. Your pugs posture can tell you if they are barking out of fear. Typically their ears are back and their tail is held low and not in its normal curley position. 

Territoriality/Protectiveness: Your pug is barking in the presence of "new comers" this might be a mailman, delivery person or even a friend who they know well! If your pug is being territorial their posture might be more threatening, their tail will be held high and their ears forward. 

Playfulness/Excitement: Your pug could just be ready for a good time! 

Health Issues: Its true, your pug barking might be the sign of a Canine Cognitive Dysfunction or deafness. Deafness can often cause exessive barking because your pug can not hear themselves.

Dealing with health-related pug barking

If your pugs bark because of age-related dementia or deafness there is hope! First off, remember to be extra patient with an old or sick pug. Keep their environments as stable as possible including their location and diet. You can talk to your vet about medication if you think your pug suffers from dementia. If you think your pug is deaf, try teaching them a "quiet" command using hand signals or a flash of light. 

Dealing with multiple barking pugs!

If you have a grumble you might be aware of how one pug can set off another at the drop of a hat! You might be on the phone and suddenly one of your little angels thinks they hear something in the driveway. Suddenly you have a symphony of barking pugs and have to put your call on hold! Sadly, you much train each individual pug separately before you can get the group to stop barking. It takes much more effort to subdue a barking grumble, but you will be well rewarded by their angelic new behavior. 

In our next post we will discuss HOW TO GET YOUR PUG TO STOP BARKING!

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