Pug Talk with Momopug2000

Momopug2000 is the sassy'est one eyed pug around. She loves treats, dressing up in costumes and telling jokes to all her pug friends. She is the driving force behind PugCity and its editor in chief so we thought we should sit down and interview Momo for our PugCity readers!

funny pug trapped in door gif
funny pug trapped in door gif

Who Is MomoPug2000 Anyway?

Moms is Momo! Momo is 3 year old fawn pug. Me was raised in Amish country in rural pennsylvania by a cute family with 6 red headed boys all with bowl haircuts. Me knew me had to get out of there, so me hitched a ride with two suckers who were driving to NYC. They had a nice apartment in Williamsburg, Brooklyn, so me moved in and never looked back!

Where Did You Get The Name Momo?

Me original name was Goldie, named after the tough first female prime minister of Israel, Golda Meir. Then me had an accident and lost me right eye, so my name got changed to honor the famous one eyed Israeli war hero, Moshe Dyan. They call me Momo for short :)

Everyone wants to know, how did you lose your eye?

Me was just a tiny puppy when we took a trip to the mountains in upstate NY. Me new sister Darby (the red headed Cavalier step child) was playing a little rough and shoved me into a stick! Me new friends noticed a small scratch on me eye, but it was easter sunday and they was in the mountains. The next day we went back to BK but me eye was already green zombie infected eye. Dey rushed me to da hospital but it was too late for me. It a good lesson to other pug friends, if someting happens to a puggy eye, take em to the vet immediately!

Does having one eye effect you?

It make me cuter! Beside that, me can still catch treats in me mouth, go on walks, see if people are opening the fridge… basically me can still eat, so all is good.

What’s Your Greatest Talent?

Me love chasing chickens when we go to the country side. Besides that, me can sit, spin, and lie down, and even roll over if there is carpet. Me learning to ride a roomba, but it not going very well! Me also really really good at telling jokes!

funny pug chasing chickens gif
funny pug chasing chickens gif

Whats your favorite snack/treat?

Me love anything thats stinky like fish! Bananas are usually a good backup snackie.

What Are Your Favorite activities?

Snoozin on the couch and telling instagram jokes. Me hate walks, and every time they get out da leash I go hide in the couch. Then they have to tempt me out with treats and its a win/win!

Do you sleep in or wake everybody up?

Me sleep in, unless somebody walks into the kitchen. Then its food time and me use a teleport to get there lickety split!

Whats your dream date?

A seven course meal with Matthew Mcconaughey, then me go back to his place and fall asleep on his lap while he reads me jokes.

Do you have any bad habits?

A lady never tells.

What does a typical day look like for you?

Me wake up with me friends at 6am. Then me go for a long walk. Then me friends go to their office, which is in their home so it very convenience and me don’t have to walk far. Then me sit in their laps while they work on da computer machine. Then me take another walk in the evening and smell da brooklyn smells. Sometimes da people throw bread on the street and when my friends aren’t looking I gobble it up! Then its home to read on the sofa and snuggle.

Your both the editor in chief of PugCity.org and its founder! Why did you start PugCity

Since me started me instagram account me saw there was so much amazing pug content being produced by awesome pug people and me wanted to share that with the wider internet world!

Anything Else You’d Like To Add?

What did the Pig say to the Pug? If I was U, I’d be a pUg too!

Momo, you crack us up! Where can people find you online?

INSTAGRAM @momopug2000 FACEBOOK: Momo Pug

best pizza eating pug gif
best pizza eating pug gif