If you love pugs then you love pug stuff! There is one hot new startup company in california specializing in all pug merch! We got to sit down with the inspiration of PugGear.co the infamous Chacha and Betty of @


funny pug drinking water from hose

Where did you get the name Chacha and Betty? I got my name from a old movie character who wore chacha heels to dance the chacha. Bettie was named after her great-great grandmother who was a famous Alaskan pug!

How old are you? ChaCha is 3, Bettie is 2

Any origin story we should know about? ChaCha was born in New Mexico, on a ranch. Bettie was found in the mountains during a hiking trip. She was abandoned at only 9 weeks old.

So you guys started a company? Tell us about puggear.co? We were tired of trying find pug specific doggy toys and gear. Pugs have different safety and health needs from other dogs.  Our flat noses and big eyes need special toys and gear.  So we decided to start our own company and brand tailored for all flat nose dogs and pugs.

pug gear best pug accessories dog backpack

We see you invented a backpack for puppies! That’s amazing, what can you tell us about it? It's for dogs that want to be with their parents all day but can't or just don't want to walk. The Dogpack is great because our parents can pack all our gear, toys, water and food in one bag. And I can sit in it comfortably all day. I can even go places that dogs can't normally go like the store or to school. Dog can hide and be safe in the Dogpack anywhere. It's have room to add more pockets and even a water bladder for my parents.  It is currently raising funds on Kickstarter.

What inspired you to create a pug friendly backpack? Pugs like to be with people all the time and now they can be. We have food and water stored in our bag so we will be happy all day.

pug gear best pug accessories dog

Do you guys design many of the products at PugGear? In the coming months we will design more pug products. Now we carry generic items.

We see you have a tiny human living with you, who is it? That is our new baby bother Nash, he is small and stinks. But we love him and give him kisses all day.

What’s it like living with a baby?!?  Great he make funny noises and smells. Plus we eat all the extra baby food he drops on the ground.

ezgif.com-optimize (4).gif Chacha Your Greatest Talent? I can sit on a window ledge like a cat and bite bees.  Even though I am allergic to them.   Bettie is a world champion cuddlier and sleeper.  She can sleep and cuddle anywhere and anytime.

Do you have a favorite toy? (good place to plug a product) Our hotdog bed taste great to chew on and is very comfortable.

Do you sleep in or wake everybody up? ChaCha is not a morning pug, Bettie is a early riser.

Whats your dream date? A night eating all the extra cheese in the house and farting myself to sleep.

ezgif.com-optimize (1) copy.gif Anything Else You’d Like To Add (other products to pitch, good causes, etc)?  Don't forget to help us reach our goal on Kickstarter and share the Dogpack!

Where can people find you online? Facebook: @puggear  Instagram: @puggear Our Store: https://puggear.co