Pug Talk: @PixieBelle

Meet PixieBelle! She's the cutest fawn pug around. PixieBelle and her little sister LulaBee love dressing up, reading books, and driving around their home town of Plano Texas in Pixie's new Viper convertible! We had the pleasure of interviewing PixieBelle and LulaBee for our new feature "Pug Talk"!


Where did you get the name PixieBelle from?

Well, as my mommy tells it, I was too sassy to be named anything too sweet and pixies are spunky, but also a bit magical! She added the Belle because as ya’ll know, we live in the south!


I see you have a little sister, where did she get the name LulaBee?

The mommy said there were enough Lulus running around already so they chose Lula and added the Bee because she’s always buzzing around me and being a little pest!

Wow, LB is definitely a LITTLE sister. How old are you guys? 

I am a sophisticated 5 year old and LulaBee is a sassy 4 month old!

aggressive pugs fighting gif
aggressive pugs fighting gif

I must say, you dont look a day over 3! How do you feel about being a big sister?

Well, it’s pretty fun most of the time. I love all the extra treats I get! When LB gets treats for going potty I think it’s only fair to expect one, as well. After all, I am her role model! All the nipping she does on me neckfluff can be a real pain in the tushie though!

I hear ya, nobody likes getting neck bites. Though I'm sure as a big sister you can show LB the ropes. What's your greatest talent?

I am a fairly good model, if I do say so myself, but what I really excel at is hogging the entire bed when I sleep at night. I am also a professional squeaker destroyer. My record is 11 in less than 30 minutes!

OMG, 11 squeekers! There should be an olympic event for that! So, when you're not eating toys what's your favorite snack/treat?

Hmm…my favorite treat is anything the mommy is eating!

And what's your favorite activity?

Let’s see, sleeping is pretty good, barking at stuff is fun, chasing the FedEx truck is awesome, but I’d have to say my favorite activity is EATING!

pug driving car in tutu gif
pug driving car in tutu gif

PB, I see you just got a new car! So exciting, do you need a drivers license?


I did! It’s a Viper convertible! I look fab in it, too! I think I only need a license if I get caught! PB, Do you have a favorite toy?

I absolutely LOVE my Barkmade Peas in the Pod!! They fit perfectly in my mouth and they’re too small for LulaBee to steal away from me!

PB, describe your dream date?

Well, my bae Alphie alphie.and.teddy.pugtakes me dancing! I love to wear my high top Converse and burn up the dance floor with him!

What does a typical day look like for you and LB?

I wake up at 5:45 am every morning, even weekends, for breakfast. I try to wake the mommy up at 5:00, but she’s so lazy she won’t let me! Then I like to snuggle on the sofa with her as she drinks her coffee before work. After she leaves I get stuck babysitting the Bee until she gets home after school is out, so we usually spend the day barking at people who have the nerve to walk down our street, chasing the trash truck down the alley (through the fence of course) and napping. Once the mommy gets home it’s all about walkies, treats, dinner, treats and bedtime!

Anything else you’d like to add?

We are so thrilled to be featured by PugCity! It is such an honor. Momo has always been one of our favorite pug friends! Her jokes keep us rolling!

Where can people find you online?

On Instagram: @pixiebellepugOn Facebook: PixieBelle Pug On Twitter: PixieBelle Pug @pixiebellepug