Ultimate Prank Guide 2018

Here are some of the best, easy pranks you can get in 2018! 

First off, no prank collection is complete without the PRANKLOPEDIA a book of the crazziest, zanniest, grossest pranks around. You can double up your prank fun with a pre made PRANK KIT (available on amazon.

In the high tech prank department, we have REMOTE CONTROL FART MACHINES, a SHOCKING IPHONE that will zap you when you try to turn it on and the dreaded COMPUTER GHOST, a device you can plug into your friends computer and it will mysteriously jiggle the mouse and type random letters! 

For the low tech old school farter there is always the original WHOOPEE CUSHION. If you want a visual gag, there are giant INFLATABLE WHOOPEE cushions pool float for that vacation farter. Finally we recommend the ole classic SNAKE IN A CAN of pringles! Guaranteed to shock your hungry buddy when this snake pops out!

If visual prank gifts are for you, then buy yer friend one of these poop presents for their b day! What says I love you more than a "BAG O POOP!". Or for your office mate, try the classic TURD PEN. For that nephew who is still into poop jokes, get them the perfect pet, a PET POOPIE!

Finally, this is the most REALISTIC FAKE POOP on the market. If your friends are squeemish, try putting this on their rug or kitchen counter. You're guaranteed to get a scream!

Our Favorite Fake Poop. So real it fools everyone till they touch it!

Our Favorite Fake Poop. So real it fools everyone till they touch it!



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