10 Best Official Pug Websites


The Best Official Pug Websites
with only the best pug information!

Momo has been doing a lot of online pug research and finally narrowed down her favorite pug websites from across the world wide web! It's official, there's a list and here are her 10 favorites. Of course, Pug City is your #1 resource for pug jokes online but these other Pug websites will keep you entertained and informed for hours!

Here we go!


Whoever made this website is a genius. It is just a baby pug licking your screen. Thats it. The domain is mysteriously just Sanger.dk  there is no info, no links, no ads. However this is everything we could ever want in a pug website, distilled into its purest form. 

2. Pugvillage:

Pugvillage is one of he best official pug websites and is Momo's go to pug site for information. It hosts my favorite pug forum to with lots of pug owners and pug lovers chatting it up.. Pugvillage has puppy guides and some of the best pug information on the net!

3. Pug club of America

The Pug Club is our second go to Pug website for official pug information. Sophisticated pugs only please! No farters allowed! Which is basically all pugs, but luckily thats not a real rule :)

4. I-Love-Pugs

This pug blog has the message down, though they could up their design game a little this Pug website has great info and articles.

5.  Pug Cartoons!

We love pug cartoons! The more pug cartoons the merrier and nobody makes better pug cartoons than the amazing Gemma Correll! Check out her pug illustrations, pug cartoons and pug stuff all on her website. its mind boggling good!

6. Pug Fanatics

The Pug Fanatics are just that. They love pugs and this pug website has some cute posts. 


 Momo's got a lot of British pug friends, so If you're a pug in the U.K. then this is the official pug website for you! Its the #1 pug dog club website from across the pond!

9. Pug dog information center.

All the pug knowledge fit to print. Another website filled with fun pug facts.

10. Little Sheba

Though not the biggest site, Little Sheeba is a total cutie and we used her image here, so wanted to give her a shout out! Follow her pug blog here!

Well, thats it for the best of the pug websites online. If you think we missed any please leave us a comment!

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