Pug Talk: Chubbs The Wampug

Get ready for the Queen of Pug Costumes, the Bae of Bantha, the cutest Star Wars pug of all time! Chubbs The Wampug!!!! We here at PugCity are huge Star Wars fans, and so we are crushing so hard on the one and only Chubbs! This week she joins us for our Pug Talk interview. <3 <3 <3


cutest pug Chubbs the wampug gif

Where are you from? I’m originally from a wonderful breeder in Tucson, Arizona. Miss Karen Radcliff of Desert Moon Pugs

How old are you? I’ll be 14 on December 28th and I think I look pretty hot for a mature lady pug.

Any other animals in the family? Nope, just me! I was raised with 4 kitties when I was young. Sadly they have all passed on, so it’s just me now and that’s how I like it!

What can you tell us about getting the name Chubbs The Wampug? Well my official name is Viva Las Vegas of Desert Moon Pugs, so mamma called me Vegas for short. But after my first birthday I began filling out and mamma started calling me Chubbs and it stuck! So I’ve been Chubbs ever since! The Wampug part is obviously for my Wampa costume from Star Wars. That was how people first began to know me and we love it.

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Why are you so into Star Wars? Cause it’s only the best movie EVER! Plus mamma and daddy are huge fans. They met thanks to a website daddy owned called The Dented Helmet. And now Star Wars IS daddy’s job. I guess you could say they both are kids that grew up with Star Wars and never out grew it.

Are you excited about the Rogue One Movie? Oh you have no idea!! I am super excited as is all of my family!

What’s Your Greatest Talent? To melt hearts all over the world   <3 chubbs_strawberry

Whats your favorite snack/treat? Strawberries!!

What Are Your Favorite activities? Sleeping, eating, begging for snackies, taking pictures, swimming with mamma (ok not really but I said that to make her feel good), snuggling on daddy or mamma’s lap to watch tv, doing our weekly live streaming on Facebook.com/Chubbsthepug every Wednesday at 6:30pm PST. Oh, did I mention eating?

Whats your dream date? 

It would be for me and my boyfriend Chester to go see Empire Strikes Back on the big screen and eat strawberries together, then go out for strawberry shakes!

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Do you have a favorite toy? Mammma’s hand as it provides the snackies!

Do you have any bad habits? Of course not! Now if you were to ask mamma, she might say rubbing my nose on everything or sneezing in her face - I call them sprays of love. She’s also a fan of when she wraps up my pills in a pill pocket and I spit them out repeatedly and eat the pill pocket and not the pill. Don’t tell her but that is my favorite!!

What does a typical day look like for you? I lay in bed till mamma comes and wakes me with some ear rubs then does all my eye treatments and brushes my teeth and gives my supplements and medications. Once she is ready we head to work where I patrol the staff room for food and bark at the other dogs, and offer mamma moral support. Then I bark at her to let her know it’s time to go home for lunch. I get to hang out with daddy at home for the afternoon since he works at home. He gives me snackies he probably shouldn’t so don’t tell mamma ;) Then I nap till mamma comes home for dinner. We have our evening routine of meds, supplements, me barking for treats and dinner, then we get online and check out all my social media accounts. You may think she’s the one behind them all but all she does is type. I tell her what to post. Then we watch some tv on the couch and snuggle until bed time! You’d think it would get old but everyday it’s like a brand new day and I’m excited all over again!

Which is your favorite star wars costume?Defiitely the Wampug as that was the one that got me known around the world and opened up all the opportunities to meet, connect, and help people and pets all over the world!

Anything Else You’d Like To Add? I’m so very greatful to all my friends who follow me on my various pages. I’m truly a blessed puggie and I love spreading puggie joy and happiness all over the world. I love being able to help rescues all over the country to raise money for pets not as fortunate as me. Thank you to all my online friends who help me be able to do that!

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Where can people find you online?

Facebook:  Facebook.com/Chubbsthepug Instagram: @chubbsthewampug Twitter:       @ChubbsTheWampug

...and of course my website Wampug.com where we will have a store opening soon with lots of cool shirts featuring my costumes to help raise money for pug rescue!