Mop Dog: the dog with dreads!

This dog with dreads looks just like a mop when its not moving!
When it is moving, these friendly sheep dogs are amazing pets. The elusive "Mop Dog" is actually a breed known as a Komondor (or its mainly black coated sister the Puli) This breed of mop dog comes primarily from Hungary, where they reportedly have the cleanest kitchen floors. We recently got infatuated with the dreadlocked mop dog, otherwise known as Komondor, so check out all the Komondor history, facts, and prices below.


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Mop Dog Breed (The Komondor and Puli))
Mop Dog and Komondor Facts
Komondor "mop dog" History
Dogs With Dreads - Puli Vs Komondor
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How Much Is A Mop Dog? (Komondor Price)
Mop Dog Puppy Pics!

Mop Dog Breeds

The Komondor:

Though you might think this dog was bred specifically to mop floors, the Komondor has a noble and ancient heritage. They were well known as guarding dogs, especially in their native home of Hungary. The Komondor has a strong protective instinct to defend and will protect family and property with amazing tenacity!

The Puli

The Puli is a smaller breed to the Komondor. This small to medium herding dog was bred particularly to guard livestock. They are known for long, corded coats kind of like dreadlocks. The Puli originated in Hungary. A group of Puli is known as a Pulik!

Puli’s are usually black though some are white, gray, or cream (called fako in Hungarian). Some of these fako puli also have black masks making them extra sought after. Both the Puli’s and Komodore’s famous hair comes from careful grooming and it takes a lot of work to achieve the desired corded dreadlocks. There is a rumor that once trimmed a Puli’s coat will never grow back the same, but this is a rumor. Many people shave down their mop dog because the maintenance of the dogs dreadlocks gets to be too much work.

Both Puli and Komondor are intelligent and very active dogs. They need super good obedience training when young and they only enjoy living in the city if you can provide them with enough exercise. Ideally you need to give them herding training and running activities otherwise they can become shy and overactive. Puli and Komondor will become mischievous and cause trouble if they don’t have work to do! 

Despite their mop like appearance, these cute dogs are quite agile and love to run and frolic. They are also particularly loyal to their owners and family. The Komondor and Puli are wary of stangers. 

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  • The Komondor breed is considered a national treasure in Hungary!
  • First mention of the Komondor breed was in Hungary in 1545
  • The Komondor name comes from Koman-Dor meaning a “Cuman Dog”. Cumans were a nomadic people who brought the Komondor to Hungary.
  • Komondor can grow almost 3 feet tall. 
  • A Komondors muzzle is often half the length of its head. 
  • The Komondor has the heaviest coat of fur of any dog!
  • After a Komondor grows out its furry locks, the dog will no longer shed. 
  • The cords of a Komondor can take up to three days to dry after a bath!

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The Komondor “mop dog” breed was brought to Hungary by the Cumans (a Turkish speaking nomadic people who settled in Hungary in the 12th century). The Komondor name comes from Koman-Dor meaning a “Cuman Dog”. These strong willed guard dogs were originally bred from Tibetan dogs. The first appearance of the name Komondor was in 1544 in a “History of King Astiagis” by Kakonyi Peper. Many hungarian Komondor were killed by Nazi’s in world war II because the invading army had to kill this tenaciously loyal guard dog before they could invade a farm. 


The Puli is a smaller dog than the Komondor and usually is black in color. The Puli is a slightly more ancient breed than the Komondor, dating back over a thousand years ago. Some people date the Puli back to asia over 2000 years ago, with some references in early Rome, and there is evidence that a Puli like dog existed 6,000 years ago! Puli would often work with Komondor in their native land of hungary as livestock guards. When they worked together, the Komondor would guard during the night and the Puli would guard during the day. It is said that if a bear or wolf attacked, the puli would alert the Komondor who would come and fight the bad guy! Both dogs were good at fighting off wolves because their thick matt of mop like dreads would protect them from unwanted bites. Though both breeds look similar to a corded poodle, there is little relationship. 


A Komondor can grow up to 30 inches tall, making it a large breed dog. Their body is covered by a heavy coat that looks like a corded matt. This leads to their popularly being called a “Mop Dog”. Komondor are known for their muscles, with long legs and short backs that make them highly agile and good at chasing down wayward sheep. Their muzzle is often half the length of their head. Their nose and lips are most often black. 

The Komondor is most well known for its fur. This thick, corded white coat is actually the heaviest fur in the dog world! In the komodor puppy, the fur comes out at wavy and curly. As the puppy grows, the fur becomes coarser and it needs help to form the telltale cord like dreads. A Komondor owner must shape this fur coat otherwise it could turn into a big matted mess! After a Komondor grows out its furry locks, the dog will no longer shed. 


Komondor usually has a litter of 3-10 Puppies
he price of a Komondor (mop dog) in the US averages $800-$1200

A Puli only has a litter of 4-6 puppies
The price of a Puli in the US is roughly $1000-$1200